CHARLESTON: Race the 50 States #volpivictory edition

Here are some things I love:

  1. My brother, Jack – the funniest, most creative person I know. Check out his blog to see what I mean.
  2. Traveling – anywhere.
  3. National parks.
  4. Running so I can put all sorts of deliciousness in my face.  Donuts, breakfast sandwiches, beer, carbs, carbs, carbs.
  5. Weirdo lists & goals so I can channel my energy & feel a sense of accomplishment

When South Carolina became a contender for our Jack & Rita annual sibling trip, I knew it was going to check all of the boxes.  Here’s the 411:

  • The RACE. The Cooper Bridge Run helped us pick the weekend.  This is the mac daddy of races in South Carolina, with 35,000 people participating.  This 10K is a point to point, starting in Mt. Pleasant, heading over the Cooper Bridge & ending in Marion Square.  What this means is you are up at the crack of dawn to grab a bus to Mt. Pleasant and RUNNING OVER THIS BRIDGE!  This is serious business.  About 4% grade incline and 4K in distance.  I walked part of this mamajamma without shame.
  • The FOOD.  Everything you read about Charleston will mention the food.  Seafood.  Grits.  Biscuits.  All the southern fare.  And when you run a race, there are no calories in this food.  That 10K at a turtle’s pace allowed us to woof down some Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit breakfast sandwiches, Husk & Edmund’s Oast dinners, Peace Pie ice cream pies and Sugar Bakeshop cookies.  If I had to pick one place to go back to, it would be Edmund’s Oast – hand’s down.  Their crispy skin chicken & mac and peas were out of this world and I’m praying that their recipes for both are floating around on the interwebs so I can make at home.
  • The SCENE.  Skip King Street and head south of Broad to wander the streets and see all of the secret gardens and alleyways.  The city is blooming in early April & its stunning.
  • The NATIONAL PARK: Congaree National Park.  A national park I haven’t visited – score!  This one was swampy, but luckily the mosquito meter was low.  We took the 2 mile boardwalk trail around the cypress trees & cypress knees (these nubs surrounding the trees – like hoodoos but made of wood).  We saw 2 turtles, a woodpecker & a cute dog.  Congaree isn’t Rainier or Zion or any of the other NPS superstars, but it was pretty & still worth the trip.  #volpivictory

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